Elf Caught in Snowball Fight, Red-Handed

The call came around 4:15 p.m. in the afternoon. My son was at a friend’s, when I learned that the Elf, who finally made his appearance just a few days before, got into a messy, yet amicable, scuffle with an Elf pal, at the friend’s house.

Marshmallows were strewn all over the floor, as the Elves pelted each other, one after another, with the marshmallows. The floor was a mess; the ripped-open bag of marshmallows sat between the two of them, further incriminating them in the fiasco. Elf didn’t even bother to hide the marshmallow we found in the palm of his hands.

We cleaned up the mess, and ended the play date early, as the Elves, clearly, could not behave themselves.

In their defense, the Elves were insistent that they were merely having a harmless snowball fight. In retrospect, the scene was very much like the snowball fight in the movie, Elf

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  1. The elf will be the death of me. We don’t have one and have no plans for one to come visit and my poor son is taking quite a bit of heat for that at school. One of the kids even said that my son is the only kid in the class who doesn’t have an elf so he must not believe in Santa Claus or Christmas. (believe it or not, he said it to me not knowing who I was) Almost broke my heart, but the flip side of that is, I can’t let that make me run out and buy one, you know? I’m trying to teach him about family traditions and Christmas Spirit…just because some families have an elf, doesn’t mean we have to. Ahh, but the right explanation eludes me…maybe next year there will be an elf far before there is any peer pressure to have one…

  2. Ha ha ha! Love it.

    Jani–tell your son to remind the kids at school that you’re not supposed to tell about your elf. (it says so in the book!) Maybe their elves will go away if they find out their secret has been told.

  3. Jani, Heather is right. According to “Elf on the Shelf” book (not our particular Elf breed), you are not supposed to “touch” your Elf. If you do, he can’t go back and tell Santa how good you were.

    But seriously, this whole thing is just NUTS! When it gets to the point where kids hurt each other — that’s a problem.

    Thankfully, our Elf was a gift, and we have one Elf for the family — yet it belongs to just one of our boys. And everyone seems to be fine with that.

  4. See, that is the whole thing of it, I don’t know this tradition. Luckily, I have talked with my son and had some good conversation, I think. I really need to learn about it though, if even just because I am interested in it. And, I am SURE Santa will still visit, even though we don’t have an elf at our house. 🙂

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