Edible Gardens

Since I read a Container Garden Book last spring, my eyes have been looking for opportunities to grow edibles in beautiful spots, rather than regulating them to a garden plot with rows. Now, I’m seeing edible pots and edible landscapes everywhere. Here, on vacation, lettuce for the salads are grown in containers.

Rosemary lines the pathway to our hotel room,

and Sage, (see the humming bird) sits outside as the focal point of the patio. . This seems to be a trend.

Now, when I see a flower pot full of annuals, or a swath of landscape that is barren of anything edible, I almost think it’s a waste of edible space. I believe that as soon as it’s warm enough for stuff to grow, I want to throw seeds in the pots — so that I can start harvesting fresh greens and herbs for our home cooked meals. I must say, that path of rosemary that lines the door, is a breathtaking smell, and a great way to start the morning.


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