Eat Your Flowerpots

Peas love cold weather, and I would have planted them by now if not for the icy mass of snow covering my garden spot. At the same time, I was thinking about all that money I can’t resist spending on that first pack of cool-season annuals – petunias and violas for my flower pots. (Which are edible, too, by the way) So, instead of planting those pea seeds in the garden, I decided to spend just a few dollars and plant those pea seeds in the flowerpots that sit at my front and back doors — the only snow-free spots around. Here’s a photo from a Container Garden Book that inspired me.

Those pretty flowers are actually sweet peas (seed packs available everywhere for under $2) that are mixed with the snow peas, which we’ll soon be eating for dinner.  Growing this is just as simple as it sounds. (Can I just tell you how great that dirt smelled?! Almost free winter therapy!) My containers were already empty from last fall, sitting in the garage, just waiting for spring. I filled the containers with potting mix, planted the seeds, and watered. I did not skimp on the seeds — they’re cheap, I want a full, lush basket, and I can always give away the extra seedlings if I have to.

Photo of nurturing gift to myself for the week.

This may not be necessary, but because it’s still very cold, just to be safe, and to give the seeds a head start, I covered the pots with plastic just to get them going. (See the snow in the background!)


There are actually quite a few cold-season varieties you can start planting in your pots — broccoli, spinach, lettuce, arugula. More photos from the book for inspiration:

Tulips, lettuce

Onion sets and spinach

When the weather warms up, and as the peas are done, I can begin planting the next crop of food:

Nasturtiums and Peppers. (Pepper plants will either be bought, or started from seeds indoors.)

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