Easy Way to De-Head Lavender Using a Pillowcase

The white hand-embroided (by my mom) pillow case full of lavendar is still hanging in my closet from two years ago. DSC_0074Their job, to keep moths out of my closet, seems to be working still. The scent of the lavender is still here,  —  just crushing the pillowcase between my fingers releases the scent.

Rather an smelly moths balls, you can use lavender to protect your clothes from moths.

Harvesting lavender buds in a pillow case is a new-mess, easy and foolproof way to strip the lavender buds off the stem, so that you can use the flowers — for sachets, recipes (yes, it’s edible), the for bath bombs — or to keep the moths out of your closet.


You simply cut your lavendar stems right off the plant. Be sure to do this before the lavender buds have opened completely — the oils are stronger just before it’s fully bloomed.DSC_0071Then, throw everything in to a cotton bag, and roll them around until the flowers fall off the stems.

screenshot2012-01-16at35541pmYou can leave them like it is — hanging your pillow case in any spot where you need moth prevention. Or, if you’d like to have the flowers only, use a not-to-tight strainer, sift the flower buds through to separate the broken woody stems from the buds.

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  1. Susie, we have a lavender farm a few miles away and I appreciate your advice. The smell of lavender is so soothing.

    Love, J.

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