Easter Egg Hunt at 5

From Easter Egg Hunts Past

Last year, we took the stuffed eggs home in plastic grocery bags from the lake, because we never did find a spare moment to to the traditional hunt.  easter15We threw them in the freezer, and expected to do that hunt later on that week.  That never happened, and the boys just began taking the eggs out by handfuls and helping themselves to the candy, until all the eggs were empty and accounted for.

This year, has been worse.  The Easter decoration box is still in the attic. You wouldn’t know it was spring here by the weather outside, or by the state of my decorations inside.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

The college boy is home, At least, I bought a ham, pineapples and cherries and I hope we can manage some kind of family dinner before he heads back to school.  But what do yeasteregghunt3ou do when the high schooler has a job now — and he’s working 6-9 on Saturday, and again on Easter Sunday at 8 a.m.?


How did things get so crazed?

And then, last night I heard the boys saying how utterly amazed they were, as kids, to find Easter Baskets hiding behind the shower curtain in the bathtub. They couldn’t imagine how that Easter Bunny made it into the house.

Just for old time’s sake, I need to put togehter some kind of Easter Basket before tomorrow for each one of them.


I have to remember, and keep in mind all the time, that just because the two oldest are in high school and college, doesn’t mean I can slack on any traditions.  I have to think of the little guys too — can’t rob them of childhood traditions.

So, looking at my calendar, it looks like 5:00 pm on Saturday is the only time that will work.  Fingers crossed — we’ll see if it actually happens.

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