Dried, Pulverized and Smashed Nastriums

I may have had a couple of zucchini’s left… but the mother-lode of the season was clearly, hands-down, the Nasturtiums.

Yes, our front yard looks amazing this fall… which might explain why I had so many squireels snacking on my front porch?

This was taken before the squirrels arrived…

Desperate to get those flowers and leaves harvested before the frost, I made pesto, I dried them (storing them in little glass jars),

and then I came up with these nasturtiums quesadillas.

Wash the ants off the nastriums and let them drain.

First brown chopped onions on a lightly oiled hot skillet.
After 5 minutes, add some black beans.
Remove the beans and onions and set aside.
Next, throw the tortillas onto a hot skillet, and top with your favorite cheese — something like Monterrey Jack, or even better — Pepper Jack.
Next sprinkle the nasturtium flowers and leaves, and fold the tortilla over.

Once cheese has melted, cut into strips, and sprinkle with Paprika.


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