Don’t Worry Mom

Somehow, I found myself in one of those time warps, when I couldn’t even sneak away from the kids for ten minutes just so I could get dressed, for fear that the house would fall apart. When I did manage to get away, my phone started to blow up:
I can’t find my sock
Are the eggs done?
Mom, why haven’t you fixed your Fantasy Football lineup!
How much is seven ounces?
Do we have a front or top loading washer,

And then, my leg started to swell, out of the blue, and I could hardly walk. I had two Aleve in my hand. Thought I took them, but then I couldn’t find the button for the shorts I was mending. It was big, and I looked in my hand and I had one Aleve. So I wasn’t sure if I took one or two Aleve, and I have to wait 10 hours to take another one. And where is the button?
And then, one said, “Don’t worry mom, I cleaned the sink.”

Just what did you clean, exactly?

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