Do you think he knows too much


Dear Abby,

My son is sweet. However, I think he knows a little too much for a guy in kindergarten. The other day, I was snuggling up with him, reading a picture book, and the text said, “He was Happy and Gay.”

He says: What does gay mean?

Me: Well, it means he’s happy.

Him: I know it means something else.

I muttered that I just think it means he’s happy, and that’s all.

One day, when I was making his lunch, I turned to look at him, and he was holding up his fourth finger. He grinned, and said, “I’m saying a bad word in Chinese.”

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Mom of 4 boys.

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  1. Don’t you love it when they start in with trying to stretch the boundaries? LOL. With 4 boys, I’m betting there is a LOT of stretching.
    Oh, Sweetie, it’s good…but “the letter” has to be 50 words or less. I hate to ask you to do it, because I know you aren’t fond of Abby, but can you make a condensed version?

  2. Oh boy I remember those days!

    My son will turn 22 in December and although not as cute he still pops up with some good ones.

    Like yelling obscenities out the window at a stop light when we’re just ready to take off. Oh giving old or stupid people a weird look on I25 going 70mph or there are more.

  3. So could you ask him what two fingers mean? It’s dreadful but it’s so mortifying and so cute at the same time when they swear. We really have to watch our mouths when driving. I’m sure we’ve cleaned our act up but there’s still the periodic, lisping “Oh bugger!”. Or a perfect recreation of Norman Mailer’s infamous substitution in The Naked And The Dead on one particularly stressful traffic occasion. I think we need a swear box.

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  5. The fourth-finger-is-a-Chinese-bad-word reminds me of when my 9yo told a friend that raising your middle finger is not a swear word in Scotland. I warned him he better not try it out!

    Your son is gifted if he is making these connections in kindergarten, lol.

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