Do You Miss Your Friend?

“Do you miss your friend?”

“Yeah. We made up a walk together.” He jumped down on the floor, laid on his back, and pulled himself up like a backwards crab and started to walk.

My sons are in a classroom where 1st and 2nd graders are together — so the kids get a chance to learn from the older ones, and the older ones get a chance to teach and mentor the littlier ones. Last year, the missing friend was in the first grader, and my son was in the second grade.

This year the missing friend is the big-brother type second grader, and my first grader was in class with him.

“Do you miss your friend?”

“Yeah. He was the one who always told me how many minutes we had until recess, and when it was time to line up for lunch.”

For now, they’re building their Lego creations as a tribute to their missing friend.

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  1. I love the two classes together idea… My little girl is in first grade this year and really having a rough year. She is just really mature for her age and this would probably be good for her, she seems to “need” and older friend. Mainly she is having a hard time away from me and hardly gets through a day crying. She told me Friday she finally quit crying and missing me because of music class… “Sometimes music and singing mom, can make you feel better- did you know that?”. Hopefully soon this will get better. Anyhow I love that concept of two grades together.

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