DIY Wood Hanger

This is the very last gift my mom brought home to the boys. Over 8 years ago, just a few months before she died, she visited the Grand Canyon, and brought them back this very cool, colorful Grand Canyon canvas map.skeleton hand, susiej.com001
I love it. I love the colors — I love the rustic texture of the weave… and it’s a map. It’s cool — because you know how I love maps.

So, I took this canvas to the frame shop to have it mounted and framed.

The price tag, was well over $300 — maybe more — because of all of the glass… This is a big canvas.

As much as I wanted to hang this, the glass would definitely ruin the entire rustic effect. And, I didn’t like the price tag.

So, armed with a bit of vibrant red bias tape, I went searching for a large stick.

I attached the bias tape to the canvas with a couple of safety pins that hang down the back, and tied the extra bias tape around the stick.

Voila. Rustic, charming, and hanging in the hallway right outside the boy’s bedrooms.


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