Delicious Fluffy Protein Clouds, For Crazy Busy Days

I’m just saying this — it is nuts managing a home with four boys. One a senior, trying to get ready to choose a college, one a freshman, learning the ropes, a 6th grader learning the ropes and an elementary school one, who is absorbing everything we say, and is starting now to worry about his GPA, when he has never been handed a grade yet in his entire life. The technology alone with emails flooding my inbox with updates from teachers, guidance counselors, college recruiters could tie me to my desk all day long. Managing passwords for all of their classes, school accounts and college recruitment stuff is practically a full time job. 

This morning, I went for a quick 30 minute run.. and I began to get texts from my senior — regarding a class that we must switch. There was a problem — and I soon realized, after the 8th text, that I was not really getting my run in, because every time I stopped to text back, I would walk. I was almost home now. So, I told myself, “You are either going to have to run around the block one more time, or you are going to have to pick up the speed and sprint home.” I don’t sprint… but in the essence of time, and wanting to feel as if I ran, when I didn’t, I figured the sprint was my only option.

So, I choose the sprint. I truly never ran that fast in my entire life — but it was a very short distance. As I came around the corner, I saw someone else! A runner — and she was flying.. and I thought to myself, “I’m so glad someone is seeing me — I actually look like a real runner!” 

As I passed her, I realized I knew her! So, I said Hi. Later, when I got home, I got a text from her…”Didn’t realize that was you — you look like a real runner, btw.” 

Good. Good. I confessed, it was a 30 yard dash — and that was all.

But I did manage to come up with a really nice treat for everyone in the midst of all of this chaos…


these little meringue clouds. Full of protein, and you can fill them up with any flavor your want — including raw chia jam. 

You simply whip up some meringue (I bought the egg whites in the dairy section, already separated), add your sugar to taste, and drop them onto lightly oiled parchment paper. Use the back of a spoon to make “bowls.” 


Back them for an hour at 250-350 degrees F, until they get slightly golden. 

Let them cool, and simply add your fillings. 



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  1. Australia is the home of the meringue based dessert known as the pavlova. Full of protein, but also full of sugar. Quite nice with some low fat vanilla yoghurt however!

    That running sounds awesome. A recent ankle injury sees me hobbling atm. I envy you your speed ….

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