Dear Teacher,

Thank you for giving me my work to do while I’m away with my Mom and Dad on our trip. I’m so lucky that our hotel room has this big desk for me to do my daily work.

While my brothers are out watching the dolphins in the Ocean, I’m back here working away.

This is my daily work routine:

  • Daily math work sheet, counting pennies and tally marks
  • Practice writing “c,” “g,” and “car,” “it,” “was,” and some others enough times to fill an 8×11 page.
  • Write three sentences in my  trip journal.
  • Read three stories.

Last night, my Mom made me quit writing because I got a cramp in my hand.  She said something about me needing fresh air.  I hope to get caught up tomorrow.

Your first grader.

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7 comments to “Dear Teacher,”
  1. Dear first grader,
    I hope you caught some fresh air and dolphin watching too. Those stories will always be there; childhood doesn’t last long.
    Blogging Lady, familiar with the heavy homework load

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