Cute Tips

Snoopy, the cartoon character in Peanuts was writing the great American novel on his typewriter, while sitting on top of his dog house. The title? “Beauty Tips.” Woodstock stopped by and gave him one of his infamous looks.

Snoopy, agreeing with Woodstock, tore the page out of his typewriter, put in a fresh sheet of paper, and started to type, “Cute Tips.”

If I had to write a novel on beauty, I think an editor would come by and change the title to “Cute Tips.”

Here are my top three cute tips:

  1. Wear a hat on bad hair days.
  2. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. It gives you a clear complexion.
  3. When another person is talking to you, always try to find something beautiful about that person. I’ve found that it rarely has anything to do with the makeup they’re wearing.
8 comments to “Cute Tips”
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  2. you are so spot on with the tip about looking for beauty in people we are talking to – gonna have to give that one a go for sure – cheers my dear, that really made me smile at 6pm while still at work on a Friday!!

  3. Oh, I don’t think I could survive without one of my baseball caps in the a.m. Some days, I like to shower after I’ve shed myself of kids. Having a p.m. kindergartener makes that difficult!

  4. I need a tip for my friend who looks awful in a hat. Oh, that is me that looks awful in hats. And much as I try a ponytail does not look spunky on me. Any good ideas?

    But the tip about finding something beautiful in someone else–that is more than cute, it is a wonderful tip.

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