When The Crows Come To Roost by The 10,000 — the Town Dances

He brought home the brand new picture book, in that bold color of blue, that has always been his favorite. “Here! Mom, read this! My teachers read this to me at school, and it’s just an amazing story!”


The story was indeed fascinating. As crows descended upon the town, threatening to destroy their crops, there was a magnificent ball transpiring. All the farmers, and their wives were there, dressed in their finest. When they heard the crows descended on the fields (yes, they could hear all 10,000 of them from inside the ball), the partiers ran out into the fields and chased them away.


This picture book, Waltz of the Scarecrows, was published in 1998, by an Ohio author, Constance McGeorge. And just as fiction imitates life, this same story began to unfold in Coshocton, Ohio, where three years ago, crows began to descend there along the Muskingum River, arriving in November and staying until March. Scientists have no explanation as to why the crows come, and the crows are too intelligent to trick into leaving.

So Coshocton has embraced the crows, with fall dances, crow festivals, and a special crow geoache trail. Learn more about what’s going on there right now, here. 

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