Crinkly Sourdough

dried sourdough004The process of drying sourdough has been, in a few words — aromatic (what is that smell, that is somehow —  appealing?!) interesting, easy and fascinating.

It all started by smearing some of my vibrantly healthy French sourdough starter on parchment paper,dried sourdough005and just letting it sitdried sourdough003

and literallydried sourdough002dry- outdried sourdough001

until all moisture was gone,

and I was able to crumble it up into little ziplock bags (quite fun) and send out to those who want a fresh start.

It was that simple!

I saved a small batch for myself — just in case something would ever happen to mine. (Store it in the freezer in a well-labled jar). The rest is about to be mailed to those who need a start.

Now — how do you bring a dried sourdough back to life? Quite simple, really:

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]

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3 comments to “Crinkly Sourdough”
  1. Glass jar — with a lid not screwed on all the way… to let gas escape. You’ll need a big jar, as the sourdough “grows!”

  2. This blog is great!!! Totally got me in the mood to bake up a delicious loaf of bread! I am going to bake it with my new starter from my order just came in the mail today! : )

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