Cover Up Those Mirrors? NO WAY!


I lost my identity when I became a mom. I can’t think of a mom who hasn’t — but it doesn’t have to stay that way. As moms, we are not only called to raise and love our children, but to re-birth ourselves as women.


But, as moms, we don’t have time for that. There are mouths to be fed, manners to be taught and floors that need to be cleaned.


Sometimes, a ray of sunlight cracks through a mundane day of endless service hours, and I smile, remembering a me that once was.


And that’s how it all starts… standing in the bathroom, holding my boy over the sink to wash off a sharpie-instituted tattoo on his cheek, and I look up just long enough to see myself.
There, in the reflection. Her hair is mussed up, there is a smudge of mascara under her eyes from yesterday, and  — wait a minute — why is her shirt button crooked? But behind those eyes, there’s a glimmer of the person who once dreamed the dream of being a mom someday, not realizing that her dream would give her a heart so full of love for boys she never imagined could be so sweet.


I smile at her, before turning my attention back to the dirty son squirming under my arm. I am not going to comb her hair — I might fix the mascara smudge, and I will fix the buttons. I think, “This is what the boys see when they look at me all day long,” and I know this is good. This is the real me — a woman who feels perfectly dressed to meet the challenge of caring for them, because she is wearing the glow of a woman who is willing to carry out the dream of motherhood that is far more demanding and tougher than she ever thought, yet far more lovely than she ever could have planned.




Over time, I will have enough of these breakthroughs to carve out an identity once again.


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