Contest: Can You Name 13 Diner Food Codes?

I love Diner Food Code Names. What are they? You know, Adam’s Ale, is Milk. You can read more, here. So, today, here are 13 more for you to have some fun with. The lucky person with the most correct answers will win a $10 gift card from Starbucks’, where you can get yourself a cup of mud. To enter, create a link to this post on your site, and leave your answers in the comment section. Saturday, I’ll post the answers, and announce the winner. If I have more than one winner, there will be a random drawing. (Some of you, I realize, are, very, very clever.) So, good luck, and here they are:

  1. On the hoof?
  2. Bloodhounds in the Hay?
  3. Foreign Entanglements?
  4. Hockey Puck?
  5. Zeppelin?
  6. Chewed with Fine Breath?
  7. Shake one in the hay?
  8. Bailed hay?
  9. Gravel train?
  10. Bubble Dancer?
  11. Frog sticks?
  12. Radar range?
  13. Maiden’s delight?
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22 comments to “Contest: Can You Name 13 Diner Food Codes?”
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  2. Oh My! I have no idea on most of these. I am one of those rare individuals who has never worked food service in my entire life (except, unfortunately, at HOME!) This is very interesting, though, and I enjoyed reading the other comments as well.

  3. The only thing I understood was ‘cup o’ mud’ aka coffee!

    Creative list though. I found you through Shelly’s Link Love!

    Have you worked in a diner?

  4. Oh, come ON people! I answered these ten minutes after she posted it by using Google! I made her take down MY answers so YOU could give it a shot. If none of you take her up on it, I’m going to get that coffeeeeee! Like I need more caffeine!

  5. Shelly, You do, really, crack me up. You can also find the answers are also in the delightful children’s book, Frank and Ernest. No, I haven’t worked in a diner — but I am utterly fascinated with the Elephant and the Bear who take on professional jobs, with grace, in a human world, and no one ever says anything about them being animals.

  6. I’m game, I’m game!

    Here’s my try and I’m not gonna google : )

    On the hoof = anything to go
    Bloodhounds in the Hay = hot dogs in a bun
    Foreign Entanglements = hash browns
    Hockey Puck = burnt english muffin
    Zeppelin = burnt toast
    Chewed with Fine Breath = after dinner mint
    Shake one in the hay = tossed salad
    Bailed hay = scrapple
    Gravel train = raisins on celery
    Bubble Dancer = milk bubbled up with a straw
    Frog sticks = French fries
    Radar range = grape knee-hi
    Maiden’s delight = sundae with a cherry on top

    I wish I knew what “hay” was…dried grass!?

    I’m terrible at this!!!

  7. Well, I like that she tried without looking it up! I think that Green Mom deserves to get the coffee just for stopping long enough to try! Actually, I like some of her answers better than the real ones!

  8. I know, I was reading through her answers, and I can’t really argue with them. I can’t wait to tell her what they really are.
    Good for her for using her noggin. Also, I might add, (un)relaxeddad is on target with his two.

  9. I can’t believe that I put myself thru college working at greasy diners and have never heard of most of these things…maybe they are regional??? Hmmmmmmmmm…I suppose I could use “the google” but that would be cheating…

    #2 refers to a hot dog of some sort. Not sure what the “hay” is.
    #4 is a burned dinner roll
    #5 is a sausage of some sort
    #12 is a microwave???? totally guessing and probably wrong…

    That’s all I’ve got!!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  10. Sad to say we didn’t go to diners growing up. I am intrigued by the names though – am looking forward to learning the answers . . .

    Thanks for stopping by my TT this week – have a great weekend.

  11. Things are looking very good for the green Mom. I hope it’s OK — because Starbucks just worked out a deal with the coffee bean farmers in the Third World — so Starbuck’s gets a thumbs up for being a good global citizen now.

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