Confession: I’m Raising Mosquitos

Some are beekeepers, and some, like me, are mosquito keepers.
I was not going to reveal this about myself… because, the truth is, it’s a bit humiliating. However, honesty is good for relationships.
Remember the tadpoles that were growing in our backyard? Well, we made it back to the lake, and released the frogs – although reluctantly, my son called out, “How would you like to be separated from YOUR children?”

Nevertheless, we felt it best to keep the tadpoles in their safe aquarium habitat until they were big enough to avoid the Bass living in our lake.
So, I boiled lettuce, cut it into little pieces and was feeding the tadpoles.
Until a marine scientist stopped by… long story … and he peered into the aquarium while I was dropping in the food and said, “What ya’ got in there?”
“Tadpoles,” I announced.
“Well, it looks to me like you’ve got yourself a nest of mosquito larva.”
Then he says, “You see, sometimes this happens with standing water.”
As if, I didn’t know that already.

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