Comfortable In His Own Skin

As if having the frogs around wasn’t enough, they came with an accompaniment. Poison Ivy.

Frogs like to live in the tall grassy weeds, and there, unbeknownst to my son, was a big bed of Poison Ivy. He had marched right though the weeds, and there was not one spot of his body that didn’t hold some welt of the inflamed itches. I mean everywhere. Even his ears.

His eyes were soon swelled (not shut) and his itching was relentless.

But yet, there is a cure, and I must feel compelled to share this — because I can’t stand to see kids suffer. I did not get this stuff for free, (I wish! The stuff is expensive.) This is not a review. Zanfel Poison Ivy Cream is a Poison Ivy, (or Poison Oak or Sumac) soap that will eliminate the posion — not just the itches. The sooner you treat it, obviously, the better. But even my son’s poison, which had been growing for about 4 days, was curable… just took several applications. This stuff is a soap, but it comes in a tube, and squeezes out like lotion… kind of weird. Would have preferred it was a bar of soap. And, this stuff is quite expensive… $30 for a tube of the stuff, but considering what a visit to the doctor would have cost, combined with potential steroid shots, we came out pretty easy.

The hardest part was figuring out how to apply the stuff… very specific instructions.

1) Get a shower and get all wet.

2) Squeeze out EXACTLY 1.5 inches of Zanfel (there is a ruler enclosed in the packaging) and rub this stuff in your hands for 3 minutes with water to create a lather.

3) Rub the soap onto the affected areas.

4) Leave soap on until the itching stops. Which, for my son, was quite complicated… because he had different stages of the poision, so when one area felt like it was “cured,” and he would jump in the shower to wash it off, he suddenly remembered there was another spot that still itched. So, we had to do this several times before we got him all settled.

Then, he was happily, again, comforatble in his own skin.

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3 comments to “Comfortable In His Own Skin”
  1. OH poor kid! Well I remember the horrid run in we had with scabies once in the UK. There was an outbreak at school at we had to paint this horrid poison all over our bodies (and I mean all over) and stay unwashed for 12 hours.UNpleasant! Still, great that there’s areemedy out there that actually works. I don’t think we have Poison Oak here. At least I’ve never come across it. Sounds miserable….

  2. I am just getting over a bout with poison ivy myself – did not have it near as bad as it sounds like your son did though. I saw Zanfel, but was skeptical that it worked and also the cost seemed high. I will keep it in mind if I get it again though! I stuck to anti-itch cream, Aveno bath, witch hazel and believe it or not a light dusting of corn starch would stop the itch for quite a while – all night. Glad he is feeling better! Did you have to use the whole tube?

  3. Yes the whole tube!! Then, I was afraid we’d run out before the itching stopped, so I bought another one… but we haven’t had to open that one. I think we would have used a fourth of what we had used if we had started out at the start with the Zanfel… delaying made it so we had to use much more.

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