Come On Crayola; Is it washable or not?

I’ve had my share of red crayon on the walls… and the sofa …. and the bed frame. Butcrayola1.gif when there are markers in the house, boy, that is the mother lode. The boys grab for those whenever they see them. There is no crayon that can hold a candle to a good, moist, capped marker.

Now I know that baking soda and water will scrub any marker mess off walls, hands, books, and sometimes fabric.

And with markers come, bigger messes. Markers require more sophisticated methods of cleanup. Messes that usually involve rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, or something toxic of the sort.

I am thrilled that Crayola has come out with “Washable” markers. Because, when it comes to art, the kids are all about graffiti. As in, why color on a small rectangle of paper, when there is all of this blank wall space that has yet to be explored?! And, I’m sure Crayola knows this, since 1903 they have been manufacturing its products. And,

The Crayola name has 99% recognition among U.S. consumer households, iscrayola.gif sold in more than 80 different countries and represents innovation, fun, kids and quality.

And I’m sure that the Crayola stain removal site has given them first-hand experience with the kind of “innovation and fun” their products bring out in children.

However, I noticed this tiny little disclaimer at the bottom of the package of the Crayola Washable Markers, Classic Colors. Right below, the blue bubbles, where it says, “Washability that you can trust”

Stain Advisement: Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, finished and unfinished wood, vinyl, carpeting and other materials that cannot be laundered.

I have always, I guess mistakenly, assumed that washable meant the markers “wash off.” I had no idea they were talking about the washability of my kid’s clothes! No, the markers are not really washable. Silly me.

Hey kids, let’s just take those crayons out to the concrete driveway, and nobody gets hurt, OK?

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  3. I found that the markers are TOO washable…that marker transfers to everything! I think it just takes a little spit or sweat to wash those markers off…paper. Walls may be a different case. 😉

  4. I guess you should consider yourself lucky your kids are growing up when Crayola has “washable” markers, for when my poor mum had me in her bedroom with my lil sis of 10 months old (me being nearly 3) and ran to the loo for just a minute or two and returned to find a nice black marker line all around the edge of the bed . . . to this day I deny doing it and no one is sure how the culprit got hold of the marker. If only they could have washed the sheets, but in 1981 that was not an option 🙁

  5. ha ha

    MQ never ever colors on walls or anthing else intentionally (knocking on wood now) but does often accidentally go off the paper on to the table, the placemats, etc. The crayola markers and crayons have always come off.

  6. I keep the markers in our house in a very high place and they only are used under the strictest supervision. I’ve had too many casualties to the marker.

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