Advent Mission: Tackle and Have Fun

There was nothing like, snuggling by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate — and no one wrote, “Please take me downtown so that I can see the huge Nativity Scene.” There wasn’t even a discussion about how to make the Advent Calendar cute –“let’s just pile them into a mason jar!.”

Instead, I got, “Tackle each other and HAVE FUN!!!!” Emphasis not needed. Did I expect anything different?

“Go boling,” (Bowling). Why? We wondered, was bowling suggested so many times? Then we remembered. We went bowling last year, and he beat ALL of his brothers, at bowling.

(Must run in our blood. His Grandfather scored a perfect 300 series in the ’80s. He was actually featured on ESPN.)

Some boys had nothing to contribute — he just walked

around and turned my coat into a stuffed bear. (No wonder I can never find my coat when I need it.

There were a few un-activities — “Not Go To Basket Ball Game. ” Even kids know when it’s time to just tune out, and veg.

So, other than the “pick out presents,” “make cookies,” and “snowball fights,” the mission of this year’s Advent app appears to be: Tackle and Have Fun.

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