Chief Leatherlips and The Memorial Tournament Curse

The Memorial PGA Tour Tournament was delayed for lightning … again. We had tickets today, and we did get to see Tigerlightning.jpg Woods tee-off on Hole 1, at 11:10, and chip it out of the creek with an awesome shot on hole 11. Then, the horn blew for lightning. So, as we headed for cover at the hospitality house, I told my boys the legend about Chief Leatherlips,  and the rain curse as punishment for building the golf course on the sacred Indian Burial Ground of the Wyandot Tribe.

So, if the legend is true, this means Chief Leatherlips has made it rain on the tournament 21 times out of 31, since Jack Nicklaus opened the course in 1976. The worst weather was in 1979, when 35-mph winds, 40-degree temperatures, and a wind chill of 13 degrees whipped through Muirfield. In 1989, Nicklaus moved the tournament to Mid-May to attract more European golfers — and it snowed that year — the first time snow fell in Columbus in May in 23 years. In 1990, winds reached 35 mph, forcing ABC to ground its blimp.

Because of the recurrence of rain, they moved the Memorial Tournament to the weekend after Memorial Day. The rain still continues to come. Or, maybe it just rains a lot in Dublin? More rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

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