The Longest Embrace

A movie  known for its reputation as holding the “the longest kiss,” Notorious. Only Cary Grant could make chicken, eaten with your fingers, sound so good.

This “kiss” is actually an embrace, as in 1946 they were not permitted to kiss longer than 3 seconds, due to Hollywood production codes at the time. Yet, notice how Hitchcock used that rule to create something truly beautiful. There is never a moment when improper behavior is actually stated or shown, and the film leaves everything to the imagination. Notice how Cary Grant never takes his eyes off of Ingrid’s face — he stares at her lips, her hair, her eyes. Then, notice how he slightly nudges her away with his head — she catches this pull, “Where are you going?” and as they walk to the phone they never stop embracing. At the end, he so gracefully pulls away, and simply shuts the door behind him, and the kiss comes to its 180-second end.


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