Charming. In Its Own Way

Only a gardener can appreciate my backyard right now. 


A gardener who has witnessed seeds that failed to germinate,


or those that do sprout, only to have them destroyed by squirrels, chipmunks or bunnies;


or ravaged by insects just as the fruit is just beginning to form.


A hopeful gardener who planted seeds late, just hoping they would stretch to their full 6 feet before frosts, 


 To see the hearty nasturtiums winding through the walls and floor of the playhouse.


Or, a hungry gardener who knows what a special treat it will be to eat nasturtium Pesto in the dead of winter. 


The act of gardening builds patience, perseverance and patience; and the deep wisdom that knows that all this too shall pass. 


 A gardener can love this wild and tumbling back yard, knowing that frost will soon be here,

gardendsc_0008and all of this luscious green will soon be squelched, and turned to gray. 


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