Chalkboard from Ugly Print

The frame was black, solid wood. It had good bones. The print inside the frame? Just a tad horrendous. I brought it home, and stuck painters tape around the edges, and covered the black wood with red paint. I thought enough to snap a picture.

batman chalkboard002

Next, the print was covered with layers of

batman chalkboard004


black chalkboard paint.

batman chalkboard005

Before finally getting covered with chalk,

batman chalkboard006


in the shape of Batman.

batman chalkboard003

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2 comments to “Chalkboard from Ugly Print”
  1. Hi Susie! Long time no visit! Apologies. The madness of life cannot be summed up quickly :-)…
    It’s funny to see this post, as the BA and I were just talking about swapping our chalkboard for a whiteboard just a few days ago. I used chalkboard paint on an old thing years ago and we have been writing up our shopping lists and dishwashing duties on it ever since. But the technology age seems to have caught up with me as the suggestion was to change. :-(…*sigh*
    Glad Batman has a happy home on yours!

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