Caviar on the Rocks

It’s the name of a spa treatment at the resort I’m heading to this week.

California Vacation Packages | L'Auberge Del Mar

Here’s the description:

“Caviar on the Rocks” is an invigorating blend of caviar and algae extracts to stimulate
cellular metabolism of the skin, promoting hydration and collagen synthesis.
Enjoy a skin polishing exfoliation with Pacific Ocean salts, drenched in jojoba
and organic botanical extracts of chamomile, calendula, lemon balm and
lavender. After showering, skin softening shea butter melts into your skin
with the application of hot basalt rocks in long, deep strokes. When you are
thoroughly warmed and relaxed, receive an energy balancing foot massage.

But then, there’s also this choice, called ” Bask”:

Begin with a seaweed and pumice foaming scrub. Next, your body
is drenched in the powerful ocean nutrients of our organic, wild-crafted
seaweed. Specialty oils designed to detox, reduce fluid and heat the body
are applied to the masque. This exclusive body treatment cleanses from
the inside out by detoxifying, purifying and nourishing at the cellular level.
Finish with a toning seaweed massage lotion to firm, protect and smooth.

And finally, Drift:

First, a light and refreshing orange peel buff containing tiny spheres of jojoba wax and
orange peel is applied to the body and you are massaged with flowing
strokes in a Lomi Lomi style. The skin hydrates as the scent of oranges
refreshes your senses like a day by the ocean. Green sea mud is smoothed
onto your skin, refining its texture while removing toxins and replacing vital
minerals. While wrapped, receive a scalp massage to ease tension away and
improve circulation.

Choices, choices choices.

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6 comments to “Caviar on the Rocks”
  1. Such things are so outside my sphere of experience that I am overwhelmed by the reading.
    But seriously…what is ‘wild-crafted seaweed’??????? 😀

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing. I told my son, it means that they hired someone to take a bucket and go to the ocean and pull up seaweed. The technical definition of wildcrafted is: grown in the wild… not planted by man. So, isn’t that all seaweed? — SJ

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