Casper and Casper Junior

I found this idea for lighted outdoor ghosts in that crafty magazine that Lowe’s sends us every three months. This would be a complete no-brainer — unlike all of those other Halloween outdoor decorations. However, we made some adjustments that were kind of skipped over in the magazine.


We took a tomato cage and wrapped Christmas lights around it. (I just happened to have a very large topiary.)

We stuffed plastic grocery bags inside another grocery bag for a head, and used a rubberband to secure it to the cage at the top.


Then, we covered the cage and with an old sheet and the other one with an drop cloth. The drop cloth was not pure white… and it didn’t matter.

Once we figured out where the face should be, we used a sharpie to mark the eyes and mouth.

Next, we took off the sheet and colored the eyes and mouth in with the sharpie.


Then we waited for the dark to come… and we lighted Casper the Ghost up…


The effect is very nice when the wind is blowing.


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