Card Carrying Nancy Drew Fan Club Member

“Wow. I wish someone could buy me that Nancy Drew Taxi Wallet
I found on Amazon. I can’t believe it’s actually $40.”

“Mom, I could make it for you…” said one son.

“You would actually carry that in your purse?!” said another son.

“OH yeah. I would. Totally, I would. So, the next time I go to TARGET, I can pull out my wallet, and someone will see it and say, ‘Is that really a NANCY DREW wallet?’ And I would say, ‘Well, yes. Yes it is.’ And I would just watch them drool with envy.”

The another son said, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you just print yourself a little Nancy Drew Fan Club Member card and carry that around.. you can leave it all over the counters at target… with your name on it.”

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  1. I have all of the Nancy Drew books except one. I use to get them in the mail once a month. Each book has two stories in it. I don’t remember which one I am missing…..maybe I will have to go look….

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