Can you believe “the talk” subject has two names?

It was time for our 11-year old to have the talk. The school is going to give some basics, separating the boys from the girls, etc., and we wanted to be first, and to let him know if he had questions, he could come to Dad. So, Dad, took him out for lunch, made the little man feel important and loved and they had a man-to-man talk. It went well. Dad did an awesome job.

Later, I was reading some parenting magazine, and they have a section for people to send in funny stories. I read this one:

A couple and their 4-year-old were on their way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Traffic was heavy and crazy, and they were running late, and the Dad blew his horn a few times. When they arrived, Grandpa said, “What took you so long.” The 4-year-old said, “Well, Daddy was really horny.”

My husband and I laughed. Curious, the 11-year old read the story. Of course, he couldn’t understand why we thought that was so funny. He kept asking, “why.” So I said, you know that talk you had with Dad yesterday? Well, that’s another name for it.

He smiled, and said “Oh.” Paused, and then added. “I can’t believe they have two names for that.”

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  1. So funny! My girl did the same thing at school and when she came home I asked her how it went. She said she already knew everything they covered and actually thanked me for telling her before hand. Oh-well! I don’t think she knows “horny” though!

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  3. Great story! I was away at my belly dancing class when my 12 year old daughter decided to ask the hubby if he thought she was old enough to use a tampon. Poor guy!!! He only needed three stiches from falling off the couch and smacking his head on the coffee table. (just kidding!)

    Kids…they are the best source of entertainment out there!!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  4. (Covers his ears and runs into our imaginary basement) I never actually had the talk. The closer I came was an elderly Christain brother who’d possibly seen a woman from a safe distance trying to give the proper Catholic perspective to a class of rowdy fifteen year old. He got 30 seconds into it then told us write lines for misbehavior for the rest of the ‘class’.

  5. Here’s a conversation between me and my 6-year old daughter, about her brother’s birthday.

    Hannah – “Mummy, what day in January was Ben born?”

    Me – “The third”

    Hannah – “So when did you and Daddy mate, for him to come out on January the third?”

    Not the first time I’ve been compared to an animal.

    For more, have a read of this –

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