By car, it would take us 11 hours

A collectible Toa Mata Nui is now beginning its long journey to our home. Seven hundred seventeen miles, to be exact. Luckily the ebay seller provided me with a tracking number from Canada Post, as an Expedited Parcel. (Seller must have been reading my blog.)

My frustration with Lego for introducing a toy in August of 2009, watching it rise in popularity, and discontinuing it in October — just before the Christmas buying season — is only balanced by the toy being remarkably available, via ebay, at 50% more cost, which appeared where? Directly on Lego’s Toa Mata Nui’s web page, showing that it was unavailable — through them — but we could buy it through, “these sites.”

My post here is only making the problem worse. After my Dad read this, he said, “You know, Lego loves that you do that. Writing about this only helps make the next big toy popular all over again for them.”

Yet, that’s a boardroom battle I’m not here to fight. And yes, I did reluctantly cave to buy this toy. Instead, I can focus on other things, such as questions like, “How many more days…”

Google maps instantly showed him exactly how far his friend will travel over the next few hours. By car, it would take us 11 hours and 26 minutes… exactly.

“So, why don’t we just drive up there to pick it up, and then stop and watch the Olympics on the way back?”

And, he’s serious.

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  1. I share this frustration. When I read your previous post I laughed, a bit, because… know…misery loves company. 🙂 As I searched and searched for a particular Lego castle this Christmas I didn’t even realize I COULDN’T BUY IT in stores until my middle son clued me in. I kept thinking, “Now why can’t I find this on the Lego website?”

    On the bright side, I have realized that we can probably pay for college simply by selling all of their Legos on ebay!

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