Mighty Warrior Hearts

There is always some kind of strawberry dessert on our Valentine’s table, along with a favorite “red meat” (usually a roast) and green asparagus — roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. And, with pleasure, I always make Valentines for the boys.

Can I even tell you how much I love slathering them with valentine hearts, candy and stickers… and they don’t even blush — because this involves candy. Now that two of the four are too old for “Valentine parties,” at school, they appreciate Mom’s valentine’s even more — probably the only bit of candy they will get all day.

This year, they’ll have two valentines in their lunches:

A Peep Heart, two graham crackers and a chocolate bar.


The second, is actually the same craft we’ll be making with the first and second graders tomorrow during their party:


(Just ask me how glad I am that I did not throw out all of those decks with missing cards.) The heart card, holding a sucker. Each boy gets a card that matches how many years they are (minus ten for two of them) and King for daddy.

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