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  1. Hmm…I thought buckeyes were made from chocolate & peanut butter! Great shots. I grew up in Ohio & remember finding those in the woods. Great series of photos!

  2. No, not YUM! The buckeye is poisonous. Buckeye nuts contain toxic chemicals. The leaves and sprouts are toxic, too, especially in early spring. If the chemicals are ingested you may get terribly sick with stomach, intestinal or nervous-system problems. Vomiting, muscle spasms, coma and even death may result.

    Just look, and wash your hands after you touch.

  3. Mmmm chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes! My grandma used to make them and I attempted them once, and only once, in college. The process took hours and toward the end I made them the size of golf balls just to get it over with. I think that experience is one of the major reasons I don’t cook.

  4. thank you for a little reminder of home! I grew up around buckeyes but haven’t seen them in probably 10 years…I never even realized I miss them until I saw your pictures. :o)

  5. Yes, CrankMama, much better to leave that to Grandma. My Mom made them — every Christmas. I miss being around while she made them — and I cannot make them myself.
    Christina, you’re welcome.

  6. They remind me of the kukui nuts in hawaii that they also make necklaces or leis from. They shine them up and paint flowers on them sometimes.

  7. Buckeyes – the chocolate and peanut butter kind – are my speciality!

    When I first saw the pictures, I thought they looked like chestnuts! We just gathered chestnuts over the weekend. Now those are yummy!

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