Brie & Roses

The oldest boys scrunched up my valentines, and stuffed their candy into their lunch bags, and said, “You don’t have to give us that stuff.  Just the candy is fine.” Ahhh,  but such is the price to pay, dear boys. And, I will do it again next year… so don’t even bother to make that scene or give me that face.

I made these heart eggs for breakfast:



I’ve spent most of the day trying to spread Valentine Love to five men in this house .  I have the “roast” mastered, and I don’t even need to follow a recipe. I simply open the cupboard and slather on the spices that tickle my nose… (today? rosemary, thyme, garlic salt, celery salt, cloves, peppercorns and bay leaves) and a couple splashes of Pomegranate Vinegar. It’s on a slow roast in the crock pot…

I’ve been out most of the day catering my littlest boy to be a guest “teacher” at another school. He taught the kids how to make Origami Ninja Stars, and Origami Dresses.

I am in love with those dresses.

And the house is tumbling down around me, the floors need mopped, books must be returned to the library,  laundry is in all stages of disarray on every single floor, in every single room… but I’m on to bigger things…

The potatoes are boiling — for the mash.

I’ll probably roast some fennel too… and I have bread dough ready to pop in the oven — and then there is dessert: I couldn’t be more thrilled that my husband voted for this strawberry dessert:

Rather than this traditional strawberry one:


I can hardly wait to get started on that strawberry nacho dessert. I’m not using fresh strawberries, though… so I’m guessing I will have to cook the frozen ones a bit in sugar to make a syrup … rather than a mushy thawed strawberry. I want to add almonds to it — but so many boys won’t like that… and then, of course, a couple of them detest whipped cream… See, it’s just not that easy to give Valentine Love to everyone today. But that’s what makes this day so special… lots of giving, and no reason not to.

And then, there is that surprise… I walked in from a busy morning of “co-teaching” with my son, only to find sushi, a dozen roses, brie and fresh fruit. “The Sushi is for lunch,” he said. “We can save the brie for later.”

I hadn’t realized it before… but brie goes way back for us. From those early days when we were so poor, scraping up enough mileage points, and pennies to head to Europe… where we roamed the streets eating the best baguettes we’d ever tasted, and chunks of brie — unpasteurized.

Funny how you start the day out trying to give to everyone else… and then before you know it… you have received more than you can expected.


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