Bread Sticks are Easy

I love visiting the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, minutes blog to discover what new methods they’ve created for their amazing dough.  Breadsticks taste intimidating; they’re so good, they have to be hard to make.  After having such good luck with their bread dough, I thought I’d give bread sticks, Grissini, a try.

They are easy.

The hardest part is just making sure to cut the dough evenly, still, that doesn’t matter, because the kids eat them so fast.  The dough doesn’t even need a rise time.


Simply pull out the dough from the fridge, flatten it with a rolling pin, and cut with a pizza peel.  Cover with olive oil and bake at 400 degrees.  See Zoe and Jeff’s method here.

My advice is to roll and cut the sticks directly on the parchment paper, and just bake them directly on that parchment paper.  I found it impossible to lift the breadtsticks without breaking them, to move them to the baking sheet.  I’m guessing I may have made the dough too thin.


Sesame seeds are our favorite topping; we just throw them on once we’ve added the olive oil.  There’s something empowering by mastering what you once thought was impossible.

The seed giveaway winners: Margaret, Tanya, Hip Mom’s Guide, and Joyce T.

2 comments to “Bread Sticks are Easy”
  1. thanks for the contest! I didn’t want to presume that Margaret was me! ~happy feet

    Guess I’ll be getting those tomato seeds in some dirt in the near future – guess I’ll be thinking of your and yours as they grow in my garden.

    Thanks for sharing, and the smile on my face.

  2. I came to exactly the same conclusion regarding moving them. Where they’re formed is where they bake. Though I do admit that getting the kitchen counter into the oven WAS a bit of a strain.

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