Book Page Christmas Trees

So, we finally did make those trees. These are easier than the ones I had hoped to make, and I like these even more.

One night before Christmas, my little origami master and I started folding these paper book page Christmas trees. They were actually fun to make -we couldn’t stop ourselves from making more and more.

paperbook christmas trees001

You simply tear out 30 pages of a book in sections, and fold each page down, and then up on the bottom to make the “triangle.” It’s really, so very easy.  Then, you do it to another 30 pages, and voila, you attach them to make a tree.

We used this old dictionary with pencil illustrations, giving some nice graphics to the tree.

We stuck a bamboo skewer through the middle of the book, to hold the stars we made out of aluminum foil.

They look so pretty, on the mantle, and we have no interest in taking them down… even though it is post Valentine’s Day.

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  1. I saw this a while ago on your site. Then I couldn’t reeembmr where I found it! So glad I thought to check your blog. I really love it, one of my favorite Christmas printables I’ve seen. Thanks!

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