Bond. James Bond.

If you just happen to see me out and about with this guy,
I’m not on my way to a wedding. I’m with Bond. James Bond.


The same James Bond who also wears cowboy boots.


His traditional shaken-not-stirred thing backfired when


he started hitting the kool-aid a little too hard.


4 comments to “Bond. James Bond.”
  1. What a sad little face. But it’s comforting to know that everybody spills. Even James Bond.

  2. Heh, heh, that brings back memories. When my guy was little he only liked “soft pants”. He LOVED to wear suits, so we hit the consignment shops and most days he wore suit pants, a jacket and sometimes even a vest. His favorite was a white tuxedo that a friend gave us after her son was in a wedding. People used to ask me how I got him to dress like that! I’d just roll my eyes cause I couldn’t GET him to wear jeans! 🙂

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