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I think it would have been easier to put a man on the moon than to get this site up. My passion for this overruled sleep, movies and lunch. I taught myself how to write html code, I read several web site design books — including “BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES” — I made 92 web pages that failed before this one was ready. In the process, I also managed to corrupt my entire operating system and had to open that set of discs that comes with your computer that says “reinstallation files.”

Maybe it was because I haven’t given birth in the last 3 years — I needed something to create. Creating this site involved a lot of typing — basically resulting from the fact that I do a lot of research. Once I find something, I like to archive it. It’s actually what motivated me to do this site — I have so many remedies I use for colds, flu, rashes, odors, cleaning — and I needed to write them all down. I like the idea of writing all this stuff down — and I look forward to adding. The web is a great place for the kind of work I’m doing. Thank you to my friend, BC, who had just the right amount of twinkle in her eye to keep me running when I told her about my “idea”. And thank you God, for the beautiful day that gave me the inspiration.


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