I’m looking through Photoshop, for its pictorial memories of summer. This year’s pictures are more about people and their stories too personal to share. One image that I love is that of my friend, who simply “mothered” me all summer — whenever I needed some care. On one hot afternoon, three families parked piled into two boats in the middle of the lake to swim.

When we ran out of “supplies” and we’d all run to shore for a pit stop — bathroom breaks, drinks and snacks — chips were all we wanted. Those 8 of us who boarded her boat (her husband’s boat) got a bit more than just a few snacks. Before we even stepped foot inside of her kitchen, she was already pulling turkey and cheese out of the fridge making “turkey benders.” Turkey and cheese on bread, folded over. (If you’re bigger, you get a double bender — two slices of bread.)

In what seemed like less than 30 seconds, eight of us were filling our empty stomachs wtih sandwiches. “How can she always be so girl-scout ready,” I often wonder. My picky kids, gobbled them up without saying a word. I liked her “swoop” method of feeding kids… just make it fast and put it in front of their face before they have a chance to say no.

I miss you.

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