Being a Part of Something Bigger

While researching an article for a client on improving employee retention, I came across a highly-researched and in-depth article on the need to inspire employees intrinsically. The further I read, I realized I was heading down one of those time-stealing rabbit holes that I often do, when I am more interested in the article personally, and the article may have very little to do with the topic I’m writing for, and I should hurry up and stop reading before I’ve wasted hours and have nothing to show for my time.

So, I pinned it for a later read. But to make sure I truly don’t forget about what the article is about, I’m going to write about this topic. The one thing you don’t realize that’s going to happen, when you are a young mother, and your kids are clinging to you, and you can’t imagine how they are ever going to survive without you — and worse yet, how you will ever survive without them, is that watching them grow into their adult selves, ready to take on the challenges of the world, is quite fulfilling. It’s nothing but pure enjoyment to see them successfully take those steps away toward independence. To watch them actually walk out there boldly, alone, without your help, is really quite exciting.

From that perspective, these words struck a chord with me:

The feeling of working alongside a strong team toward a worthy goal is powerful and intoxicating. Humans are wired for teamwork, and the possibility of contributing to the creation of something larger in cooperation with others can, in itself, create an engaging workplace.

As much autonomy as I want my children to have, the one thing that is constant is for them to feel continuously as part of a family. Creating something larger, beyond wiping noses, creating meals and tying shoes, is really the new challenge that every mother must grow into as her children grow and leave the nest. Adults always need to know they are part of something bigger, no matter how big they are.


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