Because the Female Snake’s Scent Attracts the Male

He made the snake from a necktie (scroll down below for the DIY) with an unbended coat hanger to make the snake “flexible.” The baby snake egg was a painted Easter egg. He did the work all by himself, impatient with me because I didn’t stop long enough to help him do it properly.

The research for his 5 minute speech, written on notecards — just in case he forgot what he was going to say — ├é┬árevealed that the female snake gives off a scent to attract the male.


“Obviousleeee….. you know, if the female is in trouble, and she needs help or protection….”

“OK. I see.”

DIY Snake, that even a nine-year old can handle:

Supplies: Old tie, polyfil stuffing, googly eyes, glue, wire (from a hanger)


  1. Straighten out a wire hanger or use some other type of wire. Make sure you fold down the ends of the wire with some needle nose pliers so that the edges are very smooth. Insert the hanger into the tie.
  2. Stuff the tie with polyfil from each end of the snake.
  3. Put a couple of googly eyes into the tail, if you would like a rattle. Use a hot glue gun, or sew the tail end of the snake closed.
  4. Push some stuffing up into the point of the snake’s head (the wider end of the tie). Glue the end closed and glue on some wiggly eyes to finish.
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One comment to “Because the Female Snake’s Scent Attracts the Male”
  1. OMG. How simple is this? I thought there was stitching involved!!! Now if only I had a whole class to do it with!!

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