Because That’s Not How Grandma Did It

ME:  Could you please burn a couple of pieces of toast and cover them with butter for me please?

Fun size:  OK

ME:  And could you add some raspberry jam?

Fun Size:  Why don’t I just put butter on one piece, and put jam on the other, put them together and then take them apart?

ME:  No, that won’t work.

Fun Size: Why won’t that work?

ME: Because, that’s not how Grandma did it.

I cannot keep sny food down. But burnt toast sounds good.

imageI want, I need, all things comfort. I love burnt toast, with butter… Since I was a kid.  Now I don’t just love it, I need it.

I haven’t had it in years….

My leg, my knee, is doing great. I’m actually walking on it. With crutches… Not hoping, walking. How is this possible?! Quite amazing. When the PT people tell you to do your exercises before surgery, do them. Makes all the difference. Get strong before you go.

My stomach, my head, not so great.  I can’t believe there are some people who actually choose and pay, to take narcotics. I had to give up the pain medicine in order to feel better. I’d rather have the pain than this constant sickness.  It’s been more than 24 hours without narcotics, and I still miserable. And the headache is unreal.

I’m going for comfort foods.  Noodles, boiled potatoes, and burnt toast with butter — and jam sometimes.

I’ve had a shower, with the stiches taped up in plastic, and we discovered I have a very, dark bruise on the back of my knee.  Funny, because that was the very first pain I had in the recovery room.  I wonder what happened there?

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