Because It Has No Glore

I would post a picture here of our front yard, but my computer, that has the photo on it, died. You’ll have to trust me, that it would totally crack you up to see the “A UA Reader Lives Here” sign in our yard. Primarily because all of the high school kids in our town get a “similar” sign in their front yard that says, “Track Bear” or “Water Bear,” letting everyone know that someone is a “Golden Bear” by their particular sport.

Only the high school kids around here get those kinds of signs… that was until the UA Summer Reading Program realized that little kids would want to wear the same kind of pride– by reading all summer…

You know the routine — you keep track of the time you spend reading, color in the squares, and hand your card to the librarian for little prizes. The grand prize, a bike or something like that, is announced in a random drawing.

The other night, around the campfire, the little guy was telling Lydia, around the camp fire, about how much he wants a Nook, (Why?! does an 7-year old want/need a Nook?) and that he is entered to win one because of the UA Summer Reading program.

“But it’s a 1 in 100,000 thousand chances to win.” (I’m not sure if that’s accurate… or something he made up.) I thought to myself, “Why do they do these things to kids… get their hopes up for nothing. It’s a library, isn’t it? Not the Lottery…”

The next morning, I got the phone call from the librarian. As soon as she identified herself, I thought, “Oh geesh, what DVD did we forget to include in the case  that is costing us $1.00 in fines each day?” But that’s not what she was calling about. She called to tell me that he did indeed, won the NOOK!

He is on top of the moon, and can’t wait to get home to pick it up. The next morning, he asked me if it was just a dream. “Did I really win the Nook?”

“Yes, you really did. It’ wan’t just a dream.”

“Did they call to tell you it was a mistake?”

“No, you really won the Nook.”

So, he called Lydia on the phone to share the news, and he said, “I’m getting the black and white version… it has no glore.” He means “glare.”

He tells me he plans to use his Nook during quiet reading time, in second grade. I’ve already given his teacher a heads-up on that one…

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  1. Funny! We are getting Joey a nook color for his birthday. He wants one so bad he can’t stand it. He also is telling me he is going to use it to read at school. It’s funny how the 20th century kid’s mind works…books on a screen…for me, actually holding th book is comfort and for them, they get jazzed, and inspired to read books on screen! Oh well…at least they are reading! Enjoy the last week of summer. Sad it’s coming to an end already…..time truly flies…

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