The Batmobile Valentine Box: The COMPLETED Creative Masterpiece

With a bit of black spray paint, and some Batman symbols, available from google images, the cardboad Nike box Batmobile

Batmobile Valentine Box002

has been thoroughly transformed.

Hard to believe this is the same set of carboard pices.

bat mobile valentine box008


For the wheels, we but out Batman symbols,and measured them in Word to make sure they would cover the circles with no overlap.

Batmobile Valentine Box005

For the windows, the saran wrap was difficult to manuver,

Batmobile Valentine Box004


so he simply cut these little arch shapes. To close the flap on the hood, so that friends can insert larger Valentines, we glued a paper clip to the underside,

Batmobile Valentine Box003

and glued a magnet to the other side,

Batmobile Valentine Box001


so that the hood will stay closed.

This all started, when I heard the words, I think we should make a Bat Mobile for my Valentine’s Box this year.

Fear immobilized me.

bat mobile valentine box008

How would we create that shape for the car? The hood, and the dash and the front window, and the coupe in the back? With great trepidation, I started to imagine how we would do this. A sponge? How would we make a wedge? Styrofoam. How would we get that angle to be perfect? How would it all come together. Steve from Minecraft? Finding a square box would prove challenging.

I imagined us trying, failing, tears, frustration. Hopeless… and he’d end up carrying a plastic grocery bag to school for a Valentine box.

I left the kitchen. An hour later, I walked back into this chaotic mess:

bat mobile valentine box004

bat mobile valentine box005

Every piece of cardboard had been confiscated and used a template, or a base.

bat mobile valentine box002

Older brothers were called into cut wings with an exact o knives.

bat mobile valentine box003

The glue gun was hot, and the package of sticks was almost empty.

bat mobile valentine box001

Construction paper was scattered everywhere.

But there, standing in the midst of the chaos, the origami master made this:

bat mobile valentine box009

The design? All his.

bat mobile valentine box2001

I never thought to build the “wedge” for the bat mobile’s hood and windshield out of cardboard, and actually construct something that would be sturdy enough to hold.

He realizes, and remembers, that sometimes Valentines don’t fit through the slot. So, he created a little trap door to lift it up. He needed my help to keep it shut.

I had a plan.

What about attaching a small paper clip to one side, and a magnet to the other.

bat mobile valentine box006

He’s like my help in spray painting it black.

What about the wheels? Should we cover the center with aluminum foil — like hub caps?

bat mobile valentine box2002

And the windows? “How about saran wrap,” I say. He considers it. Not sure yet.

“I’ve got a plan for the wheels, he says.

Perfect he says.

We’ll be spray painting it soon.

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