Baptizing Doughnuts: A Last Day of School Tradition (Win This Cookbook!)

One bright snowy Winter day last year, when the kids had been climbing the walls on their third or fourth snow day (it was actually a “cold” day) I met a charming mom who explained to me about their “Snow Day Traditon.”  It’s a big deal. Grandpa comes over, and they make Doughnuts!

Wow. I missed that one.  I didn’t make a snow day any more special than just — being out of school!

So, I decided that since National Doughnut Day is today, June 6, this ties in perfectly with the last day of school. So, we’re starting a new end of school tradition — School’s Out Day — with Doughnuts! Not just doughnuts you get from a store! I’m talking about chemistry in the kitchen, and making your own doughnuts.  The King of Doughnuts says,

doughnuts286And what better reason is there than that to kick off the start of summer with love. And, get over the “fried” part — as chef Kamal, author of  Homemade Doughnuts: Techniques and Recipes for Making Sublime Doughnuts in Your Home Kitchen says, we’re baptizing them in oil! 

It’s early.  We’re getting ready to head out to the store for fresh ingredients to make “Fried Peach Pie!”


Picking this doughnut was tough… Watch this video to see that maybe we should have picked the Fresh Strawberry N Cream doughnut. Maybe we will make those too!



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