Wrinkle Releaser or Monster Spray?

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Hate ironing? I know you’re tempted by that high-priced wrinkle releaser spray — but it’s pricey… and it smells awful. You can make your own wrinkle releaser spray — for cheap — and scent it any way you like.

All you need is an empty, clean spray bottle. By the way, did you know that a glass pop bottle, with a screw-top lid can make your own diy sprayer? A sprayer screws right on top of a screw-top glass bottle. Perfectly. (You made need to cut off the “stem” of the sprayer to get it to fit — but a Windex sprayer, by the way, fits perfectly.)

Now to get rid of the wrinkles, the answer, of course, is the workhorse of the laundry room, vinegar.

All you need is one part vinegar, to 3 parts water. That’s it. Keep in mind that the vinegar smell will go away quickly — and vinegar in itself, is a great deodorizer. If you want to make it smell nice, add orange peels, or 20 drops of your favorite essential oil, and you have a perfectly scented wrinkle releaser. (About the orange peels… strain them out after one week.)

When you’re running low, add more water and vinegar to your existing spray — take advantage of the scent you’ve already built in your bottle and use it in your next batch.

Use this concoction the way you would use any commercial wrinkle releaser spray: Spray, tug, and smooth. Shake the bottle each time before use.

Keep a bottle in your closet, as well as by the dryer, and spray away the wrinkles as you need. If using the oils, this is a great way to scent your clothes, and your closet.

For heavy duty wrinkles, you may have to break out your ironing board. If that’s the case, keep a spray bottle of equal parts water and vinegar (and essential oils) to use as a spray starch. The vinegar helps you make sharp creases and crisp lines in fabric.

By the way — this spray makes a great air freshener — and in a pinch can do double duty as a monster sprayer.  It’s amazing — after someone has a bad dream, simply spritz the room, and the monsters are completely gone.

4 comments to “Wrinkle Releaser or Monster Spray?”
  1. I used Monster Spray for Miss M when she had bad dreams. Although my spray was completely imaginary. I bet she’d have liked your spray better.

    I love that chair. Cute photo.

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