Badger Took A Beating

The earth took a beating this weekend. With temperatures hovering around 9 degrees (in the sun), even the ice on the lake didn’t know how to cope. What was once a frozen tundra, suddenly started heaving and cracking, creating wet spots on top of the solid mass. How could anything liquid here stay liquid without freezing solid?

The biggest casualty of the weekend was my tin of Badger Rub. The boys said it made a perfect hockey puck.

Nothing but a winter wonder.

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3 comments to “Badger Took A Beating”
  1. Boys, Boys, Boys!

    What do (did?) you think of the badger balm? I’m sure the minute my daughter returns to school she will have a cold again and I’m ready to stock up on some supplies.

  2. I am loving the idea of the boys playing ice hockey with the badger balm tin. I remember skating on the canal in Ottawa in 1972 when I was nearly 12 and seeing the local lads playing ice hockey on a frozen puddle in our school grounds in Toronto. That was a magic Christmas……

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