Background checks were done

A stretch hummer pulled up to the hotel to take us to our surprise destination…

Security checks, unknown to us, were done weeks before.


And I still got in.

The clandestine event was Top Gun Flight school, Miramar. The place where they filmed the movie, and in real-life, train top navy pilots. Except now, they train Marine fighter pilots.


The squadron who hosted us was called The Death Rattlers.


Don’t let that name fool you; they were charming.

I learned that they use chairs, on the ground, that whip you around every which way, to build up your tolerance for G Forces, and airsickness.  Each flight requires a 3-hour prep. There are 10 seat-belts per pilot — parachute is attached.

We ate dinner with the Death Rattlers, and sat in the Officer’s Club bar… the very place where Tom Cruise meets Kelly.


And, for good measure, I picked up an O’Club Golf Shirt for my brother… for serving above and beyond the call of duty.

3 comments to “Background checks were done”
  1. AWESOME! See how our anxiety the weeks before our actual vacation was all for naught? Everything went well at home..the children survived, (and so did the caregivers!! although just barely!! haha) and we had wonderful times with our husbands ALONE! We were much much more laid back and basic than you guys were…(no cool limos or Top Gun flight school!! exciting!!) but we really had a super good time! I enjoyed reading all about your trip also. (and I reminded my oldest that you guys were out of town the same time as we were so he and your son could commiserate at school together!!)

    Glad you had fun!!!

  2. OMG. Top Gun was my favourite movie of all time for about 20 years I think. And then The Matrix came out. I still get the dvd out from time to time when I want a good howl and an adrenalin rush. Guessing you didn’t actually get to go up in one of those things?

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