At The Lake


We’ve been here quite a few days, and we’re living like college kids again. We haven’t even bothered to pack our clothes in the drawers — living out of bags, boxes from home still piled up, and we haven’t even unloaded the dishes from Aunt Betty. The sun is out, the lake is calm, and we can’t keep ourselves inside long enough to get to those things. The only thing we are doing is making simple meals of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hamburgers, and washing the dishes in the sink. And then there’s that bon fire every night. That’s enough to keep us busy. They’ll be rainy days ahead that will give us plenty of time for all that organizing and unpacking.


Now, we do have our problems. We have the sewer line, which was supposed to be fixed, but is still broken, which is still pouring water all over the basement. Raccoons leave presents for us on the deck every morning. Yes, and taking hooks out of fishes mouths, pulling wet bathing suits off chubby little legs, and lots of sunscreen applications. But we did score two boats — an old aluminum fishing boat, and a pretty bright red canoe.

So now, the two older boys are free to “drive” on their own. They went out fishing, by themselves. After a few minutes — we didn’t see them. So, we got out the binoculars, and saw them, on the other side of the lake, stuck in the weeds. So, we pulled out the canoe, and put the 3-year old in the middle (the 5 doesn’t like boats, so he stayed behind with Aunt Joyce), and we rescued them.


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  1. It sound like you are all truly enjoying the experience of being ‘cottage folk’ – keep the pictures coming, I’m living vicariously through your photos!!

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