As The Lake Turns

Sometime between back-to-school and labor day, the lake turned — or flipped bottom up. The sun had warmed the water on top of the lake so much that the cooler water below gained enough momentum to actually flip the lake, bringing everything that lives in the deeper part of the lake (80 or so feet) up to the surface.

Including the fresh water jelly fish that lives below. Fresh water jelly fish. This, they say is a sign of a clean lake.

They pulsate…. like hearbeats. Here’s a video:

By now, the fresh water jelly fish have made their way back down to the bottom of the lake. This little cameo was a brief, appearance, that for some, may only see once in a lifetime.

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  1. Jack got stung by a jellyfish when we were in Hilton Head this summer. He was NOT thrilled to read this and see they are in lakes too!! cool video!

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