As I Watched the Worry and Stress Disintegrate Before My Eyes

I love how resourceful they can be when left to their own. Target didn’t have the “right” clay.  The best kind of clay, the kind we got at the specialty store, was all used up in failed attempts to make it “just so.” The colors got all muddied up and were no longer discernible.  Just grays and browns now.

But the morning it was due, he sat down with some leftover balls of clay that he had found somewhere, and they were just the right colors, and it was just the right amount, to make this gorgeous little Batman, in just about as much time as it takes to eat a bowl of cereal.

For a couple of weeks, there had been much worry, anxiety and stress over the 3-d model, and now I was watching it disintegrate before my very eyes. And so his Ohio biography report was complete as he taught us all about the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

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